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New England Applied Products brings together quality products from leading HVAC manufacturers, and the right talent to help you design, install, and maintain that equipment for the entire life-cycle of the building.  With a focus on quality customer service, backed by a seasoned understanding of how systems work - we provide customers with the knowledge needed to bring projects together successfully.  

Our Manufacturers


We are proud to represent a strong collection of trusted equipment manufacturers on the airside and waterside.  Our product lines continually lead the industry in energy efficiency and quality.  While we understand market norms and trusted systems, we are not afraid to look outside that realm to help our customers develop a truly innovative solution. 


Contact Us


617-268-NEAP ( 6327 )

New England Applied Products

(We've Moved!)

200 Fifth Ave 

Waltham, MA 02451

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Notes from the Water Cooler

In our 'Notes from the Water Cooler' you'll find common rules of thumb, helpful equations, and new systems and technologies. Please check back for updates.

Markets Represented


Higher Education

Manufacturing Facilities

Data Centers

Office Space


Medical Office Buildings

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