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Multistack air-cooled & water-cooled chillers have continually lead the industry with innovative solutions and the most energy efficient technologies.  Whether your project requires future expandability, very low sound, high levels of redudancy, heat-recovery, superior full & part-load efficiency, geothermal capability, or the ability to fit through a very tight space - Multistack Chillers are the answer.  Tonnage range is from 10-1200 tons. 

Envirosep is an industry leader manufacturing engineered packaged pumping systems and central plants since 1996. Envirosep has manufactured systems for many different markets, including commercial, plumbing, municipal, fire protection, HVAC, heat transfer, and hot water heating.

Guntner utilizes adiabatic technology and evaporative media to deliver industry-leading efficiency cooling towers that require no chemical treatment and reduced water usage of up to 80% annually.  Guntner applies this technology for both water and refrigerant and also produces dry coolers and evaporative condensers. 

Aerofin is the leading manufacturer of custom coils - specializing in steam, refrigerant, and water.  Aerofin also produces integral face and bypass coils and can handle quick ships as quick as 1 week.  Their split-fit coil has a modular design ideal for coil replacements in existing air-handlers.  

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Buffalo has a long tradition (over 100 years) of engineering high quality custom air handlers for some of the most challenging installations. Their 100,000 sq ft facility is located in Amherst, VA.  True thermal break construction, extruded aluminum members, foam casing - all standard options that provide customers with a unit that will last decades.  Buffalo is the custom option for hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical and any other owner who values reliability and quality construction. 

SEMCO utilizes their industry-leading wheels for energy recovery and desiccant dehumidification for commercial and industrial applications.  SEMCO's 3fficiency technologies provides a complete solution for chilled beam systems.  They produce a true 3 angstrom wheel that has the industry’s highest recovery performance (AHRI Certified) and Recovery Efficiency Ratios (RER).  SEMCO's chilled beams come in a variety of styles as well as passive or active configurations. 

Williams is proud to carry a wide range of fan coils in a variety of options. Whether mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, Williams fan coils offer solutions for building projects of any size, from a small office complex to a luxurious resort. Options include ECM fans, customized casings, vertical stack configurations, and airflows from 200 to 12,000 cfm. 

Bosch / Florida Heat Pump brings years of quality construction and engineering to the horizontal and vertical heat pump market.  Available water-source tonnage range from 1/2 to 60 tons and water-to-water from 2 up to 35 tons.  They also have 100% outside-air rooftop WSHPs up to 30 tons all with a variety of efficiency options and available water-side economizer, HGRH, and coatings. 

United CoolAir manufactures 1 to 90 ton "All-Indoor" Modular HVAC Solution systems for Commercial & Industrial Cooling as well as 100% Outside Air applications. Built to order horizontal and vertical systems are available as Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Chilled Water, and Heat Pump models with a wide range of options to meet almost any application. The use of resealable refrigerant fittings makes systems ideal for retrofit and renovation projects with lower total installed costs than many conventional replacements.


Addison manufactures semi-custom & packaged DX rooftop units with and without energy recovery.  The Addison product range includes packaged and split-systems as well as water-source and air-source heat pumps.  They utilize a standard 2" casing with R-13 insulation and energy saving options such as ECM fans, modulating compressors, modulating hot gas reheat, liquid sub-cooling and active coil exposure control.  

Multistack AHUs and DX rooftop units have the full breadth of options and aspect ratios along with the ability to incorporate a full DX package.  These units are designed and built by a manufacturer with almost 30 years of complex refrigeration & compressor experience.  Full capability for indoor/outdoor units with various casing thicknesses and materials, energy recovery, water-cooled and air-cooled heat pump, EC fans, and cooling/heating methods.  AHUs/RTUs are manufactured in Multistack's newly-expanded facility in Sparta, WI. 

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies including energy recovery and precise dehumidification, Munters creates a perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Founded in 1955, Munters has 3 manufacturing locations - the closest being Amesbury, MA. 

The most energy efficient way to move large volumes of conditioned air - period.  Ideal for manufacturing facilities, gyms, warehouse/distribution centers, or any large open space facility.  Johnson Air Rotation Systems are a smart, efficient, and low-cost alternative to traditional packaged rooftop systems. 

AuraGreen Fixed Plate Energy Recovery Ventilators provide excellent energy recovery with virtually zero cross-contamination. The core provides up to 71% sensible and 64% latent effectiveness without any moving parts. AuraGreen has a full line of fanned & non-fanned indoor and outdoor solutions from 200 to 100,000+ cfm.  

VTS is a global leader in indoor & outdoor modular air-handling manufacturing. VTS air-handlers are provided with thermal break galvanized casing. Options include: direct drive plenum fans, energy recovery wheels & plate heat exchangers, HW, steam & electric heat – DX and chilled water cooling. The VTS product line has a 200 – 38,000 CFM range.

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Stulz has been manufacturing precision cooling equipment for over 70 years.  They manufacture indoor and outdoor equipment and provide CRAC units for in-row, perimeter, ceiling and direct-chip configurations.  Stulz IeCE system utilizes indirect evaporative technology for potential savings of up to 75% over traditional cooling systems.  North American engineering and manufacturing is in Frederick, MD. 

PURE Humidifier has been providing quality humidification products for industrial and commercial applications for over 24 years. Product portfolio includes steam injection, steam heat exchangers, electric and gas fired humidifiers all providing optimal air quality and relative humidity control for your unique environment. Family owned and operated out of Minnesota. 

MSA is your solution for fixed gas and flame detection in the HVAC industry.  From boiler/chiller rooms, battery rooms, engineering and research labs, and transportation maintenance facilities to many other industrial applications, each environment has its own monitoring needs.  MSA's line of versatile gas monitors are absolutely essential to answering these challenges.

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