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Projects & Case Studies

Whether you are an engineer, owner, or contractor - you want to know you're investing in the right manufacturers.  Since our founding in 2014 New England Applied Products has built a diversified install base.  Below is just an overview of some of those installations.  We're also happy to provide references or additional installation information by request. 

Project Spotlight

1 Dalton

Project Spotlight

Example Projects By Vertical Market

Vertical markets


Massachusetts General Hospital

Buffalo Custom AHUs, Williams FCUs, Multistack Chillers

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Multistack heat recovery geothermal chiller/heater, Data Center chiller

Lahey Hospital - Stilts Project

Full knock-down and reassembly mag bearing chillers

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Babson Park Manor

Split Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Northeastern Integrated Science and Engineering Complex

Heat Recovery & Flooded Maglev 

BU - Miles Standish

Custom AHUs, Air-cooled magnetic bearing chillers 

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1 Dalton / Four Seasons Hotel & Residences

Mag-bearing chillers, Fan Coils with Trac-Valves

345 Harrison

Munters Energy Recovery Heat Pumps

The Country Club

Stick-built AHUs, Split chiller  

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Rochester Electronics

Modular chillers, Munters Dehumidification/Energy Recovery 

Buffalo - custom AHUs for food processing


Johnson Air Rotation Units

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Modular Air Cooled Chiller, Free cooling, Pump skid


Custom AHUs, Multistack Aircooled Chillers 


Multistack Custom AHUs

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Hyatt Logan

United Cool Air 

Oracle Data Center

Envirosep Custom Pump Skid

Lowell Trial Court

Multistack Custom AHUs/ERVs

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Manufacturer Case Studies 

Case Studies
By Product

Installs by Product


Massachusetts General Hospital

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

MIT Vassar Street Dorms

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Babson Park Manor

Split Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Toyota Research Institute

Geothermal Heat Recovery 

New Balance - Warrior Ice Arena

Process chiller, AC Maglev, WC Maglev

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1 Dalton / Four Seasons Hotel & Residences

Over 1000 Fan Coils with pressure independent Trac-Valves

Emerson Little Building

Horizontal Flush FCUs

Middlesex School Theater

Low Sound Hi-Performance FCUs

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Philips North America HQ Data Center

Boston Dynamics

Coresite Data Center

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The Inn at Brookline

Mass Grow Cultivation Facility

Maine Correctional Center

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Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital

Mass Grow Cultivation Facility

Quanterix Healthcare

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Lifespan Pharmacy (multiple locations)

UMASS Dartmouth

Akston Biosciences

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